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Adoption (AD)
Adoption-Unborn Child


Arbitration (AR)

Mandatory Arbitration


Chancery (CH)
Construction of Inter Vivos Trust
Construction of Testamentary Trust (After Probate case has been disposed)
Exhume a body
Foreclose Security Interest in Personal Property
Injunction (except in Tax & Dissolution Cases)
Mechanic Lien Foreclosure
Partnership Dissolution
Quiet Title
Real Estate Mortgage Foreclosure
Rescission of Contract
Restraining Order
Specific Performance
Structured Settlement, Original Action to Assign 
Trust Administration


Dissolution (Divorce) (D)
Legal Separation
Simplified Dissolution
Registration of Foreign Judgment
Other (Specify)


Eminent Domain (ED) 
Other (Specify)


Family (F)
Civil Actions to Compel Support
Delayed Record of Birth
Notice to Putative Father - Under the Adoption Act (750 ILCS 50/12a) and Juvenile Court Act (705 ILCS 405 [2-30, 3-31, 4-28, and 5-32])
Parentage (Paternity)
Petition for Confidential Intermediary

Petition for Custody
Petition for Order to Issue Marriage License

Registration for Foreign Support Order


Law Medium (LM) - $50,000 or Less (Other than Small Claims)
Arbitration and Award
Confession of Judgment
Contract Money Damages over $10,000
Distress for Rent
Forcible Entry and Detainer
Statutory Action by a State or Political Subdivision to Recover Support or Contribution
Tort Money Damages over $10,000

Wrongful Death


Law (L)
Arbitration and Award
Confession of Judgment
Contract $ Damages
Distress for Rent
Forcible Entry and Detainer
Statutory Action by a State or Political Subdivision to Recover Support or Contribution
Tort Money Damages
Wrongful Death


Mental Health (MH)
Petition to Administer Treatment
Petition for Discharge
Petition for Hospitalization
Petition for Restoration

Miscellaneous Remedies (MR)
Abatement of Nuisance
App Authorizing Eavesdropping/Electronic
Appointment of Receiver

Attachment (Original Action)
Burnt Records
Change of Name

Confirmation of Election Judges
Corporation Dissolution
Declaratory Judgment
Eavesdropping/Criminal Surveillance
Election Contest
Forfeiture of Seized Property
Habeas Corpus (Civil / Criminal)
Lost Goods or Money
No Exeat, Original Action for

Peace Bond Complaint
Petition for Discovery or to Depose
Quo Warranto
Review of Administrative Proceedings (Other than Tax Commission)
Search Warrant (Complaint for Search Warrant not related to Pending Case)
Sexually Violent Person Commitment Proceedings

Statuary Summary Suspension (If no DT case is filed)


Municipal Corporation (MC)
Municipal Corporation Issues

Petition for the Creation of a Drainage District
Petition to Change form of Government

Petition to Disconnect from Fire District
Petition to Dissolve Municipal Corporation
Petition to Organize Municipal Corporation
Other Routine Matters Relating to Municipal Corporations and not listed under another category


Order of Protection (OP)
Civil No Contact Order

Domestic Violence Act


Probate (P)
Construction of Testamentary Trust (During Pendency of Probate Case)
Construction of Will
Estates of Decedents
Guardianship of Person and/or Estate
Will Contest


Small Claim (SC) ($10,000 or Less)
Collection of Taxes ($10,000 or less)
Contract -Money -Damages ($10,000 or less)
Tort Money Damages ($10,000 or less)


Tax (TX)
Annual Tax Sale
Drainage Assessment
Foreclosure of Lien for Special Assessments
Petition for Tax Deed

Petition for Tax Refund
Retailers Occupation Tax
Sale in Error
Scavenger Tax Sale
Special Assessment
Suit to Restrain Collection of Special Assessment or to Change Special Assessment
Tax Commission (Review of Decision)
Tax Foreclosure
Tax Injunction
Tax Objection

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